Welcome to Sage Alliance Partners

Sage Alliance Partners is a consulting firm specializing in executive alignment, organizational momentum, leadership development and enabling the achievement of extraordinary business results.

Sage Alliance Partners offers a wide range of services, including:

Executive Team Coaching and Leadership DevelopmentSetting and achieving unprecedented organizational goals
Executive Team Coaching and Leadership DevelopmentIntegral leadership in adaptive situations
Executive Team Coaching and Leadership DevelopmentHigh performance team alignment and development
Executive Team Coaching and Leadership DevelopmentCustomer service training
Executive Team Coaching and Leadership DevelopmentOrganizational culture consulting design and change
Executive Team Coaching and Leadership DevelopmentStrategic planning
Executive Team Coaching and Leadership DevelopmentFacilitation and alignment

We draw on over 40 years combined experience, as well as cutting edge theory in the fields of training and development, behavioral science, integral studies and management science to create groundbreaking results for our clients.

In designing and delivering Sage Alliance Partner’s customized, premier-quality programs, Principals Scott Coady and Maggie Weiss call on the firm’s large cadre of highly skilled specialists when needed. Our multidisciplinary consulting team includes several distinguished training development specialists and facilitators.

Because Sage Alliance Partners aims to efficiently and effectively supply innovative services to our clients, we are committed to the ongoing development of our consulting team. As speakers and authors, our consultants continually build their body of knowledge and share developing insights with a global audience.

Our clients value our ability to design and deliver customized solutions that get results. Our insights and understanding regularly translate into cost savings and performance efficiencies measurable in terms of reduced learning curves, quality of service, improvement of morale, etc. We are recognized for the quality of our services, a majority of our clients engage us for additional work, a testament to our strong reputation and the value we provide to our customers.

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