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Scott Coady, Principal, Sage Alliance Partners

Scott Coady Principal at Sage AllianceScott is a master executive coach, OD consultant, strategic and executive team facilitator, workshop leader and keynote speaker. Scott has dedicated his professional life to learning, embodying and applying emerging technologies from the areas of somatics, philosophy, linguistics, athletics, integral studies, experiential and action learning.

His groundbreaking work centers on transformational leadership, team development and organizational culture change. Recently, Scott worked with the leadership team of a billion dollar business to transform the company's culture and results. The business saw a 70% increase in net profits after tax and a dramatic increase in employee engagement in just ten months.

Scott has garnered an impressive record of accomplishment in executive development. He co-designed and co-leads NASA's award-winning leadership and culture change program, Leadership Alchemy. Leadership Alchemy was recently ranked #7 in Warren Bennis' Leadership Excellence Magazine annual survey of the best in Leadership Development for the Federal Government/Military.

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Scott Coady is the Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Embodied Wisdom, a transformational education center located in Ojai, California committed to personal and leadership development, team effectiveness, and organizational culture change.

Scott may be reached via e-mail at:  

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Larry Burback, Principal, Sage Alliance Partners

Larry Burback Principal Sage Alliance Partners Larry is the Director of Sage's outdoor leadership and team learning programs and lead consultant for client engagements. Larry has over 35 years of experience in training individuals, teams and organizations to achieve high performance. Over the course of his career Larry has personally worked with thousands of individuals in both large and small group workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Larry was a co-founder of Sportsmind, which conducted some of the initial research upon which key elements of our high performance team philosophy is based.

A life-long athlete, Larry competed in college football at Lewis & Clark, international rugby, the rodeo circuit, marathons, and triathlons, having finished more than eighty, including twelve Ironman competitions. Larry Lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Mary, loves Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Erik Clapton—and refuses to tiptoe through life in to arrive at death safely.

Larry may be reached via e-mail at:  

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Maggie Weiss, Principal, Sage Alliance Partners

Maggie Weiss Principal Sage Alliance PartnersMaggie has devoted her professional career to the study and realization of exceptional performance on an individual and organizational basis, and then engaging those applications in the workplace and for social change. Her consulting and coaching services are built around specific accomplishments to be delivered while using the work and situation at hand to develop individuals and teams as effective leaders and managers for the often surprising, always profound accomplishments that come as a result.

Maggie has coached the senior executives, their management teams in engagements ranging from high performance capital project execution to challenging strategic or culture change initiatives in service, construction and manufacturing organizations. Typically these are situations that call for leadership and collaboration often with several cultures (national, corporate and/or professional) and perhaps several languages in the mix.

Working the Project Manager and Project Team building a liquid natural gas facility for a major oil company in California, Maggie was able to work with this first-time PM through a union dispute, a change in the California state emissions laws and the largest shutdown in the refinery’s 100 year history, to bring the project in without injury, on time and within budget. The Project Manger won the company’s 2002 Chairman’s Award.

Maggie may be reached via e-mail at:  

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Jonathan Love, Sage Alliance Partners

Jonathan Love Principal Sage Alliance PartnersJonathan Love has recently served as an executive with The Pachamama Alliance, a non-governmental organization in San Francisco, CA. He was a key member of the development team that created a multi-media educational symposium delivered by volunteers. In the first four years over 2500 facilitators were trained to lead the symposium and over 100,000 people have attended.

As the Founder and Senior Partner of Leadership for Social Change, Jonathan has been a practitioner of Organizational Transformation for over 25 years. He has assisted dozens of companies to develop leadership at all levels of the organization, ensuring that breakthrough results are accomplished by the people of the enterprise. Using a model of leadership that incorporates effective practices derived from diverse and eclectic sources, grounded in somatic, linguistic and emotional competence. Jonathan guides participants to discover and then realize commitments that have been suppressed and gone unfulfilled until now.

Prior to consulting Jonathan was a marketing executive at CompulterLand Corporation and CEO of Armstrong Kitchen and Development Director at The Hunger Project.

Jonathan may be reached via e-mail at:  

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Mark Bass, Sage Alliance Partners

Mark Bass Sage Alliance PartnersMark Bass has been an executive in various capacities in a wide range of not-for-profit enterprises and corporate settings, as well as a process analyst and coach to companies in the Real Estate and Financial Services industries. An avid student of Philosophy, language and communication, Mark uses his diverse background in combination with Action Workflow models to redesign clients core business processes to become more customer centric, remove silos and produce more engagement for those involved.

Mark worked internationally from 1979 to 1993 in Europe, Southeast and Southwest Asia, East and Central Africa, forming longstanding relationships between EC, UN, ODA, private donor agencies and beneficiary organizations. Mark graduated the Newfield Network in 1994 as an ontological coach, and currently serves as the Senior Coach for the Institute for Embodied Wisdom's Art of Leadership Mastery (ALM) program.

Past consulting engagements include process analysis for Chicago Title, Western Division and related companies, including lead positions as Y2K Coordinator and Due Diligence Team Leader in assessing companies for acquisition. Mark developed workflow systems for homebuilders such as Morrison Homes, and was the co-author of an options management system for New Millennium Homes that generated record options profits for this luxury home builder.

Mark may be reached via e-mail at:  

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Vikas Bhatia, Sage Alliance Partners

Vikas Bhatia Sage Alliance PartnersVikas is a former executive with an extensive track record in Marketing, Analytics, Strategy & Operations at Fortune 100 organizations. He now runs The Prana Partnership, a human development organization focused on personal and organizational leadership and transformation. His commitment is to inspire and serve people and teams that wish to be their best self.

Vikas holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from IIT, Bombay and an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad. IIT and IIM are the elite, world-ranked institutions for Engineering and Management education in India. Vikas has graduated from the coach training program at Newfield Network.

He has been an active student of leadership, human potential and personal transformation for the last 7 years. His many formative influences include the Executive Leadership Development programs at his former employers CapitalOne and PayPal / eBay Inc., the field of Ontological Coaching, the Leadership in Action program at Strozzi Institute, the Body and Movement program at Newfield Network, the Art of Leadership Mastery program at the Institute of Embodied Wisdom, and several Eastern traditions that he has absorbed and practiced for the last several years. His focus is to bring about the synthesis of mind, body and spirit to help his clients create a leadership presence that enables them to take exquisite care of the concerns that they hold for the world around them. He believes that life is a journey, a destinationless pursuit of mastery over one's chosen discipline. He strives to live his life in congruence with this vision.

Vikas may be reached via e-mail at:  

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Nicole Cronin, Director of Corporate Wellness, Sage Alliance Partners

Nicole Cronin Sage Alliance PartnersNicole Cronin is a certified Vinyasa and Hatha yoga teacher in San Francisco, lifelong athlete, facilitator of wellness retreats, and graduate of the Art of Leadership Mastery program at the Institute for Embodied Wisdom. In 2012, after breaking her back and losing her fiancé in a car accident, Nicole deepened her commitment to sharing her passion for health, wellness and vitality.

Nicole's belief is that each individual has their own need for balance between knowledge, inspiration and refining the connection to one's own body wisdom and inner voice. To achieve peak wellness, Nicole encourages a practice of fine tuning one's daily relationship to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Allow her to effectively design strategies to improve your team's overall health, and she will happily and enthusiastically guide you.

Nicole may be reached via e-mail at:  

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Brennan Smith, Director of Government Services, Sage Alliance Partners

Brennan Smith Principal Sage Alliance PartnersBrennan has dedicated his career to consulting and training global leaders. He specializes in training foreign affairs professionals and consulting international organizations to generate high-performance teams that produce visionary results despite the high-risk, high-stress environments in which they operate.

Prior to his consulting and coaching work in government, Brennan was one of the most respected hypnotherapists in the entire hypnosis community. Through his decade-long private practice, his teaching on the faculty of two hypnosis colleges, his hypnosis audio downloads on-line, and his group workshops, Brennan has generated transformational change in the lives of over 100,000 people.

He is the author of The Art of Inspired Action, and writes the Inspired Leadership column on the Huffington Post. Brennan has been featured as a guest on TV and radio and tele-seminars around the world, speaking on the subjects of leadership, human potential, and life transformation. He is a founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders.

Brennan may be reached via e-mail at:  

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Kari Azuma, Sage Alliance Partners

kari Azuma Principal Sage Alliance PartnersKari Azuma graduated from The University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Sociology and has been devoted to the growth and development of individuals ever since. She has completed several years of post-grad education including a nine-month coaching certification program at the prestigious Newfield Institute and fourteen-months of rigorous training in the somatic based Art of Leadership Mastery program at the Institute for Embodied Wisdom.

Kari has coached executives and board members of influential non-profit companies in the sectors of rain forest preservation and public health, as well as corporate and private clients. Kari's experience includes leading and facilitating Rites of Passage work in nature for individuals, assisting with life transition, leadership and personal growth. She completed her second year at the Art of Leadership Mastery Program as a Senior Student where she was a team leader for first-year students. She uses a unique style of coaching grounded in nature connection work, combined with leadership training that builds competency through linguistic distinctions, somatic practices and movement techniques. Through a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between body, language and emotions Kari is an ally for those committed to a powerful future by guiding them through deep shifts in perspective and awareness, allowing for new actions to be taken in areas where it didn't previously seem possible.

Kari may be reached via e-mail at:  

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Sage Alliance Cadre of Consultants, Coaches, and Facilitators

David Utts, MS, MCC

David Utts MS, MCCDavid Utts is the CEO and Founder of Executive Skillworks, and a member of the Duke Corporate Education Global Learning Resource Network. David focuses on helping executives and teams produce outstanding results by substantially improving profitability, productivity and leadership impact.

David has personally helped CEOs, Senior Executives, emerging leaders, and teams in supporting growth and business development initiatives, mastering the dynamics of leadership, developing high-impact influence skills, and building high-performing teams.

David has a Masters of Science in Organizational Development from American University and a BA in Psychology from the University of Maryland.

In addition, David has completed two post-graduate programs researching ground breaking theory and practices on leadership and coaching from Newfield Networks and New Ventures West. In 1999 he received the designation of Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation.

David may be reached via e-mail at:  

Kanu Kogod, Ph.D, MCC

Diane Cline, Graphical FacilitatorKanu is an anthropologist and a master certified coach (MCC) who specializes in organizational culture change. Since 1987, as president and founder of Bridges in Organizations, Inc., Kanu’s focus has been to transform workplaces using leadership development to transform organizational cultures from within. That includes designing and implementing long-term leadership development programs, creative learning groups, large search forums, data collection (from surveys to search conferences), process consultation and executive coaching.

Kanu may be reached via e-mail at:  

Diane Cline, Ph.D

Diane Cline, Graphical FacilitatorDiane is a graphical facilitator highly trained in the art of visual alignment of team's vision, charters, and ideas.

Diane has 20 years experience in public speaking, lecturing, and research work grappling with tough, complex problems and is Founder and President of Over The Horizon Consulting, LLC, a graphic recording and facilitation firm based in Chevy Chase, MD.

A graphic recorder since 2008, Diane has worked with NGOs, start-ups, consultants and facilitators to capture conversations during meetings in a visual way. Using color and line, she graphically records the key points, creating large wall charts that preserve a record of the event. This cutting edge meeting capture technique creates engagement and draws attention during the meeting, and provides an executive summary and mnemonic device for afterwards.  

Diane may be reached via e-mail at:  

Judy Brannock, BS, MCC

Lloyd Rains, MS MCCJudy Brannock has over 20 years of experience as a consultant and executive coach to senior executives and their teams in consulting, financial services, high tech, and government organizations.

Her keen perceptive capabilities help her see what client’s can’t see so they are able to look into their blind spots and replace ineffective behaviors with those that support their success.

Known for her warmth, humor and down-to-earth style, she has been supporting corporate and public sector leaders over the last 20-plus years. She works with clients to accelerate their growth as they go through transitions, add more depth to their leadership skills, take on increasingly challenging responsibilities, resolve conflict, and build executive presence and client satisfaction.

Judy is Founder and President of The Officium Group, an executive and performance education firm committed to bringing clients the ideas, education, tools, and coaching services needed to transform their leaders and their organization.

She earned her coaching certification from Georgetown University and is a Professional Certified Coach (MCC pending) through the International Coach Federation. She has an undergraduate degree in Business Education from the University of Tennessee with graduate work in Organization Development from George Washington University.

She lives in Falls Church, Virginia.  

Judy may be reached via e-mail at:  

Sandy Mobley, MBA, MCC, CMSC

Sandy Mobley MBASandy is an expert in organization development, individual and team coaching and leadership development with over 25 years of experience. As an OD consultant, she created and led a team of three consultants who used a powerful team action coaching approach with peer mentoring groups to build collaboration, share best practices and increase movement across the divisions in Fairfax County.

Her transformational change efforts helped a Big 6 professional services firm move from a command and control structure to a leadership culture through leadership development, coaching, and assessment. She helped a specialty chemical firm maximize its reengineering effort and assess the riskiness of their change process.

She co-developed the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program and served on the faculty for over four years. She was one of five coaches selected to work in Booz Allen Hamilton’s Executive Presence Workshop for Principal and Partners. Sandy is the Managing Partner of The Learning Advantage.

She has a Masters Degree in Mathematics and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She is certified a master somatic coach by the Strozzi Institute and is certified a master certified coach by the International Coach Federation.

She lives in Falls Church, Virginia.

Sandy may be reached via e-mail at:  

Bill Pullen, MS, MCC

Bill PUllen MS MCCBill Pullen is President of Pullen & Associates, a Washington, DC-based consulting firm providing executive coaching and leadership development services to individuals, corporations, the federal government and private organizations.

His work focuses on developing current and emerging leaders and building a leadership culture and increasing leadership capacity within organizations. Bill is known for his straightforward, insightful approach to helping people and organizations identify behaviors that promote or detract from leader effectiveness.

Taking a systems approach, he uses a cycle of assessment, challenge, and support to accelerate development, enhance performance and build leadership identity, presence, behaviors and skills.

Bill Pullen designed the 2009 Metro DC ICF Prism Award winning coaching program for the U.S. Department of Commerce – International Trade Administration. This prestigious award is given to an organization that uses coaching to shift organizational culture and create profound results.

Bill may be reached via e-mail at:  

Terri Conti, MBA, MCC

Terri ContiTerri Conti is a coach and organization development consultant. She has more than 20 years of business experience. Before founding Alliance Consulting in 1999, she directed the training and organization development functions of a large software development firm and worked as a senior manager in change management for Pricewaterhouse Coopers Consulting.

Terri’s passion is developing leaders who can meet the challenge of complex and rapidly expanding organizations. She is a powerful coach, working one-on-one with leaders and also with executive teams. She is adept at creating safe environments where learning occurs, possibilities are expanded, and creativity is released. She also serves her clients as an organization development consultant, team builder, team coach, trainer, action learning coach and large and small group facilitator. She has excellent analytical and interpersonal skills.

Terri is a certified coach through the Newfiled Network and has studied various forms of somatic coaching with well known leaders in the field. She has earned the MCC (Master Certified Coach) credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is a member of the Organizational Development Network and the ICF. She lives in Reston, Virginia.

Terri may be reached via e-mail at:

Lloyd Rains, MS, MCC

Lloyd Rains, MS MCCLloyd Raines has coached and consulted with senior managers and executives in federal agencies, Fortune 500 businesses, and non-profits for the past 15 years. He is a master coach and expert facilitator of leadership development programs with individuals and teams.

Lloyd partners with leaders through focused inquiry, dialogue, and collaboratively-designed learning experiments for capacity building and impact. He draws on insights from business best practices, the behavioral sciences, global and national trends, action learning, moral considerations, and adult stage development – all in service to wise stewardship of vital resources (human, financial, and ecological) and long-term sustainability.

Lloyd Raines is Principal of Integral Focus, a holistic, integrally-informed practice focused on the unique leadership challenges of the early 21st century.He is a Master Certified Coach (ICF), was a founding faculty mentor in the Federal Judicial Center Leadership Program, and a founding faculty member and co-designer of Georgetown University's Leadership Coaching Program, where he continues to teach.

He lives in Kensington, MD.

Lloyd may be reached via e-mail at:  

Linda Novak, MA, MCC

Linda Novak, MA MCCLinda is a Master Certified Coach, management consultant, and trainer, dedicated to transforming workplaces through enhanced leadership and team development and powerful, effective communication skills.  As principal of Novack & Associates, a Los Angeles based coaching and consulting firm, Linda focuses her services in four primary areas:  1) leadership development which includes executive/management coaching and coaching skills training, for established and emerging leaders;  2) teambuilding for a high performance, collaborative workforce; 3) public speaking skills training and consultations; and 4) establishing company-wide mentoring programs. Linda is also a professional speaker and a gifted facilitator and mediator. 

Linda has more than 20 years experience (internally and externally) in helping domestic and global organizations, has resulted in small and large-scale changes for the companies while achieving peak performance, productivity, and career fulfillment for her individual clients. 

Ms Novack brings a unique and extensive range of experience, resources and a holistic approach to her clients.

Linda may be reached at:

Gail S. Williams, MPA

Gail S. WilliamsGail Williams' expertise stems from a 36+ year career in the Federal Government working at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in a wide array of business positions. For 21+ years Gail worked in procurement, followed by 14 months on loan to the Executive Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology. In the last 14 years of her career, Gail held senior staff positions in NASA Goddard's Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Office of Human Capital Management. She is an expert in the design, delivery, and program management of transformational leadership development programs. Additionally, Gail's expertise encompasses organizational culture change, as an internal organizational development and change consultant. Gail draws from her 14 years of supervisory experience, at first, second and middle levels of management.

Gail co-developed the award-winning, state-of-the-art Leadership Alchemy Program for NASA Goddard that also attracted paying customers from several Federal agencies. As a NASA Emeritus, Gail continues to manage the award-winning Exploring Leadership Colloquia Program she initiated in September 1997.

Gail may be reached via e-mail at:  

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Sharon L. Scibek, MS, SPHR

Sharon L. ScibekSharon Scibek is a professional coach and organizational development consultant. Her career has been influenced by a rich career progression: from teaching college courses to serving on non-profit boards to designing human resource departments to creating employee development programs to providing a process for individual goal achievement with professional coaching.

Sharon's education and career experiences give her a deep respect for and understanding of individual and organizational issues. She is committed to working with leaders to create organizational environments built on principle-centered accountability and learning. Her guiding belief is that organizations are a community of individuals whose skills, attitudes, and ability to be in relationships influence organizational productivity and effectiveness. Her professional goal is to help an organizations create a learning culture where employees are challenged, able to significantly contribute to their organization's goals, and experience a deep level of satisfaction for their personal contribution.

Sharon may be reached via e-mail at:  

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Scott Brumburgh, MCC

Scott BrumburghScott has been coaching executives, other leaders and managers and their staff in team performance and organizational development for over 20 years. He focuses on coaching and management development initiatives in organizations undergoing significant change in mission, structure or operations. His work has enabled numerous leaders and teams to re-shape their work outlook and motivation, determine their highest comparative advantage, and then develop the capacity to change for more effective action and results.

A recent experience was with a large public service firm. Their most critical field office had proven unable to adjust to a major change in government contract terms and consistently failed to meet their customer delivery expectations. Not only did their staff buy into the new approach, their major customers quickly recognized the new delivery system could work and agreed to give the organization more time to adopt the new system.

Scott, an independent consultant, is also a partner in Business Advisors Network; is a mentor coach with Newfield Network’s professional coach training programs; and is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. He lives with his family in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Scott may be reached via e-mail at:  

Marla Zipin, Ph.D., NCC

Marla Zipin PhD

Marla Zipin brings a wealth of expertise and experience in human relationship systems, behavioral sciences, and positive psychology to her work as a coach and facilitator for over 20 years. She provides leadership development coaching to senior executives and managers in the federal government and private business.

She engages her clients in a learning process of self discovery, personal empowerment and sustained transformation. Through her exquisite sensitivity, deep intuitive listening, and creative catalytic coaching her clients produce extraordinary results, manifest excellence, resource resilience and find fulfillment.

She served as a coach for NASA’s award winning leadership development and culture change program, Leadership Alchemy, recently rated #7 in Leadership Excellence Magazine’s annual survey of the best in leadership development in the Federal Government.

Marla Zipin is founder of Zipin Coaching Services. She is a certified coach by the Newfield Network, licensed psychologist, yoga and meditation practitioner, and storytelling enthusiast. She lives in the DC metropolitan area.

Marla may be reached via e-mail at:  

Bonnie K Hill, MA, MSW, PCC

Bonnie Hill MA MSWBonnie Hill has been coaching private sector and government executives in the areas of leadership development, person growth, and change for the past 10 years. Most recently, she has worked with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs affected by the challenging economy to recreate themselves as they search for new career paths.

Bonnie has led an international “Wonder Women” group since 2001, addressing the needs of mid-life women who want to rediscover their passion in life and decide how to script the next chapters in their lives.

Additionally, Bonnie has facilitated teams, trained groups, and worked with individual executives in different governmental contracts and in large corporations. Her coaching and leading taps into clients’ ability to create, transform and energize their own careers and lives.

Bonnie’s approach is energetic, buoyant, compassionate and courageous. She firmly believes that personal growth, aliveness and transformation are certain possibilities for all. Bonnie Hill is managing principal of Textured Life Coaching, a contract coach with various OD and consulting companies, on the faculty of The Coach Training Institute, and a Professional Certified Coach as well as member of the International Coach Federation.

Bonnie may be reached via e-mail at:  

Jennifer Whitcomb, MA, PCC

Jennifer Whitcomb MA PCCJennifer Whitcomb is an experienced organization development practitioner and executive coach with The Trillium Group. For over 18 years, she has worked with senior leaders in the U.S., Canada, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

She has provided executive coaching, facilitation and training to help many leaders solve tough challenges by helping them successfully reach their goals, and improve team and organizational performance.

Jennifer is a faculty member of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching program. She also directed Georgetown University’s Organization Development Certificate Program where she also participated as a faculty member. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation.

Jennifer is an avid equestrian who competes and coaches others in her free time.

Jennifer may be reached via e-mail at:

Leni Gurin, MS, ACC

Leni Gurin MS ACCFor over twenty-five years, Leni Gurin has coached and consulted to leaders and teams in Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits and government organizations looking to enhance their professional and operational effectiveness, improve collaborative relationships and expand their capacity for sustainable excellence and adaptability. She focuses on leadership coaching and strategic organizational consulting for professionals who lead professionals: senior executives, enterprise founders, owners or partners, leadership teams and Boards.

Leni’s expertise includes leadership and team coaching and development, strategic and operational planning and solutions, constructive communication©(including conflict negotiation), retreat/meeting design and group facilitation, change management, and performance management.

Leni Gurin is President of LGA Consultants. Inc., a leadership and organizational consulting and coaching company founded over 20 years ago to bring Fortune 500 best management strategies and practices to smaller enterprises and professional practices.

She is a member of the National and local chapters of the International Coach Federation and Organization Development Network, and a member of the Executive Women’s Roundtable. She is a Fellow in Change Management, a certified Newfield coach, and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.

Leni lives in Annandale, Virginia with her husband and young daughter.

Leni may be reached via e-mail at:

Frank Hackney, MS, ACC

Frank Hackney MSFrank Hackney offers twenty years of leadership experience – expanding individual performance and sparking organization-wide effectiveness. With a sound business background sharply focused on the generation of effective and meaningful action, he delivers a unique blend of academic credentials and organizational experience.

Frank created InnerShift Practices, LLC, a coaching and leadership development partnership, in 2001. His competency in identifying possibilities for new action has enabled him to build a successful business in coaching, outsourced management, business start-up consulting and development, and strategic planning for non-profits.

Frank works primarily with CEOs, executives, board members, and project teams. Since beginning his coaching career, Frank has worked on organization-wide transformation programs for Capital One Financial and Allianz. He has recently delivered philanthropic team building events for Odyssey Teams, Inc.

In addition to corporate work, in 2008 Frank facilitated Group Dynamics and Team Learning for the School of Public Policy, George Mason University, graduate program on Organizational Development and Knowledge Management.

Frank may be reached via e-mail at:   

Lynn Drake, PCC

Lynn Drake, PCCLynn Drake is a seasoned executive coach, trainer and facilitator with 25+ years in the workplace. She has worked with individuals and teams of government agencies, associations and the private sector. Her clients range from high-level government officials to young leaders wanting to advance. In addition, she facilitates numerous leadership, management and communication courses as well as webinars and executive seminars.

Her unique background, having served as a senior communications executive, a Congressional press secretary and business manager, allows her to bring a wealth of real-world experience and examples of leadership styles, concepts and approaches.

Her coaching expertise centers around leadership/management issues, both with direct reports and managing up; 360 Degree Executive feedback assessment and performance planning; communication roadblocks and effectiveness; conflict resolution; and, executive presence and leadership style.

Lynn is committed to ensuring her clients have the tools and knowledge needed to become visionary, transformational leaders within their organizations.

Lynn may be reached via e-mail at:   

Lynn Drake Biography To view Lynn's complete bio as a PDF file, click here.

Carole S. Napolitano, MA

Carole Napolitano MAOver a period of twenty years, Carole Napolitano has worked with a variety of leaders, executive teams, and organizations--in both the public and private sector--to help them expand possibilities for breaking through challenges and getting the results they want and need.

Carole brings many roles to her work: executive coach, organizational consultant, facilitator, author, and speaker...which affords her an unusual range and versatility in responding to the needs of individual leaders as well as to the dynamics of complex systems. She is equally at home coaching an executive, one-on-one, or facilitating a whole-system transformational change process.

Carole Napolitano is the founder and Principal of Synergies which offers coaching and consulting in leadership and organizational effectiveness. She co-authored The Leadership Odyssey: A Self-Development Guide to New Skills for New Times published by Jossey-Bass as well as Machines or Gardens . . . or Both?, an article that explores the implications of organizational metaphors, in Managing Organizational Complexity: Philosophy, Theory, and Application published by Information Age Publishing.

More recently, Carole authored “Personalizing the Power of the Positive: AI and Ontological Coaching” published in the May 2007 issue of Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner. Carole is a certified coach through the Newfield Network and member of the International Coach Federation.

Carole lives just outside Washington, DC, in Round Hill, VA, where she works out of a restored log cabin in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Carole may be reached at  

Ravi Pradhan, MBA

Ravi Pradham MBARavi brings years of experience as a manager, entrepreneur, consultant and social change agent. He has lived, studied and worked in the US and Asia, and brings an intimate experience of both the corporate and social sectors.

Along with Cooperrider, Whitney and others, Ravi was one of the founders of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting (AIC), LLC, a global network consultants using appreciative inquiry. Ravi was a key “transformational consultant and coach” for the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) HIV/AIDS special initiative title Leadership for Results. The objectives of this multi-year engagement were to help develop leadership competencies and build coalitions to craft innovative strategies. In addition he also co-designed and led programs to develop transformational skills among a diverse group of professionals, including media and communication professionals in constructing new approaches in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Ravi may be reached via e-mail at:  

Mary Key, Ph.D., CEC

Mary Key PhD CECMary Key has served as an executive coach to Fortune 500 companies, government entities and entrepreneurial organizations with outstanding results. She has worked with senior executives at various stages of their careers and from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

She heads Key Associates, Inc. (KA), an organizational transformational consulting firm committed to the development of leaders and organizations. For the past 18 years, Mary has helped individuals, teams and organizations in areas such as coaching, leading change, leadership and team development, succession planning, conflict resolution, strategic planning, strategy development and effective execution – all leading to improving performance and productivity.

Mary was Executive Director of Inc. Magazine's Eagles CEO Program, where she provided one-on-one consulting and roundtable facilitation to CEOs of fast-growing companies. She also served in leadership roles at several major international consulting firms and headed the government practice in one of them. Mary has authored several books including CEO Road Rules: Right Focus, Right People, Right Execution and The Entrepreneurial Cat: 13 Ways to Transform Your Work Life.

Key received her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and her BS from the University of Massachusetts.

Mary may be reached via e-mail at:


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