When the pandemic hit in March of 2020 everything came to a halt, especially executive team development, as people started working from home.  As it became clear that business would remain in this posture for quite some time, clients began reaching out in June of 2020 inquiring about the possibility of us doing our work via video conference.

Prior to the pandemic, we were noticing a trend where more and more businesses were operating with distributed or remote executive teams as they expanded geographically.  We were questioning how to serve these teams when, due to the pandemic, we began receiving requests to do our work with teams via teleconference. 

Since June of 2020, we have had several successful engagements bringing executive teams together into new and powerful orientations, enabling them to produce extraordinary results during extraordinary times.  We applied our own principles to ourselves and produced results through Zoom sessions we didn’t think were possible.

Through this experience we are now very confident in our ability to serve distributed or remote teams, now and in the future.