Transforming an organization takes time.  In our direct experience, we observe that it can take as little as ten months and as long as three years for an organization or team to achieve transformational results.

Our initial interactions with the clients help us get a sense of how the organization is currently functioning so we can accurately assess and determine how best to move forward.  This process typically involves doing interviews, conducting a proprietary team diagnostic and observing executive team meetings.

Following this we will typically start with a one to three-day executive retreat to begin the journey toward becoming a true team. 

Upon completion of this initial executive retreat, the team has a very good feel for what the journey of team transformation will be like and can authentically and enthusiastically align on continuing the process.

Finding time for executive team development is always a challenge.  The more time an executive team can commit to the process, the faster their ultimate potential can be realized.  The type of results we produce do not happen in one or two meetings.  Rather, they happen when a team is committed to ongoing learning and practice, much like any elite athlete or championship team.  To ensure rapid and consistent progress, while allowing for the often unpredictable requirements of senior executive teams, we embrace a highly emergent and flexible approach with our clients and their schedules to get in the necessary work.