Complete organizational transformation happens when people in an organization begin to think and act differently and in a way that enables them to perform at a higher level both individually, and collectively.

We have found that the biggest driver of an organization’s team culture is the level and quality of teamwork demonstrated by the executive team.  Because of this, we focus our work on executive team development first.  Once the executive team embodies and demonstrates the behavior of a true high-performance team, then other layers and subgroups are enrolled into the learning and journey of high-performance teaming. Inspired by their experience of the authentic changes in the executive team and its members, others in the organization are more open to embracing the learning and the time and effort required.

We typically work directly with the senior executive and senior management levels and implement a “train the trainer” model to carry the learning out to the rest of the organization, depending upon its size.

In our work with senior executive teams, we focus on three primary areas:


  • Working with the CEO or managing director on simultaneously embodying the dual role of being a leader and a teammate. They are the key to what is ultimately possible, so our success is dependent on working with CEOs who are open to learning in front of their teams, truly value and care for their people and are willing to commit to a future often thought to be “unreasonable” at that point in time.
  • Serving and supporting the executive team and its members to become a true high-performance team.
  • Coaching the executive team members on how to be transformational leaders for their own teams and enrolling their teams into the journey of learning to also become a high-performance team.