“Scott supported our North America executive team to come together in new and powerful alignment to see what we were capable of achieving as a team.  His teaching and coaching were instrumental in enabling our stellar results and creating a partnership and bond between the leaders that is unparalleled. We grew a $4bn business by 16% including over 25% growth in key strategic areas coming from a baseline of low single digits for multiple prior years. The teaming and support of each other has continued despite a major reorganization – and many of the team have gone on to heightened leadership positions.  When looking back I will say that it became the closest leadership team I’ve experienced to date. It was this success that positioned me to personally join the Global Management Committee, and I have continued to engage Scott to support other business units I lead.  I highly recommend him and his experiential methods to bring about real leadership and behavioral change.” 
Lee Moore

Senior Managing Director, Products Operating Group Lead - North America

“Scott is a uniquely gifted leadership and high performance team coach, possessing extraordinary levels of perceptiveness and personal abilities. He simply knows how to push the right buttons the right way to get directly at your core & specific issues, and he does it in a common sense way that you carry forward. Massively Powerful! I highly endorse!”

Stan Ryan

President, Cargill DSO North America

“Scott Coady and his team designed and lead a major project to transform the culture of our bank. We not only were able to increase profitability by dramatically reducing our costs, but our new culture helped us produce higher levels of employee engagement and empowered us to transform our relationship with our customers, enabling us to create more value for them and our stockholders.” 
David Andreas

President and CEO, National City Bank

I engaged Sage Alliance Partners in a an effort to turbo charge my business. My aim was to awaken my direct managers and ultimately all 180 associates in our business as well. Sage is remarkable in their expertise in teaching the mechanics of trust and high performance, as well as catalyzing people into choosing to pursue them. So remarkable, in fact, that the results we saw in our company were phenomenal! We generated the best employee engagement in the dozens of operating units in the company, we won the Most Improved Quality award and improved our bottom line profits by an incredible 40% in a single year! As incredible as those results were,  more importantly, we carried those lessons we had learned at work over into how we chose to conduct ourselves in EVERY aspect of our lives, making us better spouses, parents, friends and teammates.

Duke Gillingham

President, AAK Foodservice

“I have had the pleasure of working with Scott Coady for the past two years and can say without reservation that Scott is the most Powerful and Inspirational teacher I have ever encountered. His unique teaching methods, combined with his authentic personal presence are amazingly effective. As a CEO, I have worked with many consultants over the years but none as good as Scott Coady. If you and your team aspire to a higher level of performance and satisfaction, Scott is the man to lead you on the journey.”

Pat Smith

CEO, The David Allen Company

“Scott is transforming my leadership team. His approach is multi-disciplinary, integrative, inclusive, cutting edge, creative, and to-the-point. Just what we needed to move from a group of people with good hearts and good intentions, loyal and dedicated to the mission, to a hi-performing team. There is still work to be done but we are well on our way.”

Teo Alfero

CEO and Founder, The Wolf Connection